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The 10 Things You Need to Know About The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

Damon Ashworth Psychology

1. There are 10 categories of experience that are considered to have adverse consequences on the later development of children

These include:

  • Abuse:
    • Emotional
    • Physical
    • Sexual
  • Neglect:
    • Emotional
    • Physical
  • Household Dysfunction:
    • Domestic Violence
    • Substance Abuse
    • Mental Illness
    • Parental Separation/Divorce
    • Crime
2. It is possible to determine your own Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) score

The ACE score is a measure that has been designed to measure the cumulative nature of childhood distress. 

If you are interested in finding out your ACE score, please answer the following questionnaire from

While you were growing up, during your first 18 years of life:

1. Did a parent or other adult in the household often or very often

  • Swear at you, insult you, put you down, or humiliate you? or
  • Act in a way that made you afraid that you might be physically hurt?

Yes? No?   If yes, enter 1 _____________

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Last? Yes last.

“Want a glass of chilled Ribena?”

I have the chance to write again and this will be the last post for my assignment. The good news is, I won’t stop writing because I really enjoy WordPress. Anyways, I would like to be honest that I can’t argue. I can’t because I always loose in an argument. Therefore I am going to explain some reasons on why I deserve a full marks of 10 for this blog assignment. Perhaps lesser than that? =)

First of all, those blogs in ‘Kawaakarinao’ were authentically created using real life experiences, a little gold dust sprinkles of emotions and feelings and polished with honesty. I believe other bloggers wrote their blogs using the same formula. Therefore they too, deserve a full mark for their assignment! =) We spent hours thinking and reflecting on the topic assigned to us and relating it to our daily life. It is not a simple task to share openly to other bloggers (course mates) about our personal issues as those blogs composed of both sweet and bitter stories. For that reason, we should be given scores.

The bottom line is that I relate the theories we learnt to my past experiences as well as my current ones. Like I said I spent hours reading through the lecture notes and understanding the theory. It might not be important but the perseverance we withstand can be evident from our stories. As convincing as it may be, I am still learning to write, which is why some of my posts were not informative or descriptive enough.

I would like to also compliment the attractiveness of my entire blog, at least for me. I decided to go for a simple concept, ‘Simplicity at its best’ and pink as well as white are my favourite colours. Therefore I chose Pink Bubblegum as the background of my blog to best suit my personality- sweet as the pinkish pink. `\(“>v<)/`Some of my stories are made by colourful fonts as I wanted to match the mood of the stories with suitable colours.

Cognitive Dissonance Theory is a discomfort caused by two dissonant thoughts. The dissonance in regards to my situation is reduced by changing behaviours to match attitude. I deserve a high mark as I have done my best to score this assignment. However, when dissonance is reduced by changing attitudes to match behaviour, I know I don’t deserve high marks but if I don’t then I may not pass the assignment.

=) Meowmeowmi logging out

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Hello WordPress and Psychology =)

xin chào~ hello~

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Salahuddien for providing us this relaxing mode of doing an assignment which is to write blog posts! It was by far the most relaxing assignment ever~ I had great time expressing myself using writing, no typing, no it’s wordings… Anyways, =) I love this assignment as it is personalized. I own this work and I really hope other bloggers would benefit from my blog posts as well as I benefiting from other blog posts!

This assignment particularly writing blog posts in WordPress helped me to list down most of my happy moments in life as well as the not-so-happy moments in my life. I am glad I could remember these moments as it was an exercise to retrieve all those memories which we sometimes neglected. Memories are wonderful. Whether are not it is a bad memory or a good one, we remember each of it. If it is a bad memory, we take it as a lesson to stand on our feet again and if it is a good memory, cherish them. Enough said on the philosophical terms on memories XD

We were not restricted when writing our blog posts as long as it is related to the topic of the blog. I can use red as my font colour and I can spam as much picture about my holiday trip without restriction! (I know this is graded XD) Anyways still, I have the choice to express myself using different punctuations and words. After all it is my blog. Writing blog is super interesting. Now I know why some bloggers are so passionate in writing blogs without fail. It is the interest they have in writing their favourite topic and sharing them to other bloggers and readers. Besides having the freewill to write a blog (like a bird flying in the sky) I learnt to relate the psychological terms I learnt in class to my daily life. This practice elevated my passion for psychology and to help people in need.

I really love this assignment and I would like to continue writing stories of my life here in Kawaakarinao!

Any negative aspect about this? Hmmmm~ Perhaps, Mr Salah could share blog posts from our course mates which is inspiring and meaningful to the class during lectures or tutorials. We can learn from the blog shared using each other’s stories! Another thing maybe Mr Salah can consider allowing students to choose their own title they want to write with a condition it has to relate with the topic they learnt from the lecture. This does not restrict students in expressing. Instead it may help students who have difficulty writing about that one topic as they can choose their preferred sub topic of the lecture they feel more comfortable expressing. Just my suggestion =)

So yeah, Psychology rocks! Psychology lecturers rocks! Psychology students rocks! Each rock is uniquely special and when we gather we can create an impact to the people in need.

Meowmeowmi logging out 🙂


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My Personality

Anyeonghaseyo! 안녕하세요

I will be sharing with you guys some of my personalities from the Big Five Personality Traits! How interesting is that? I will be explaining the five personality traits and if it is congruous with my personality. First personality trait is Openness. This trait features characteristics such as imagination and insight. Those individuals who have high level of this trait tend to have a broad range of interests. They are also more adventurous and creative.  In contrary, those who are low in this trait are more traditional and may struggle with abstract thinking.

Some of the traits obtain by individuals who have high level of this trait is being very creative, willing to try experience new obstacles, delightful to think about abstract concepts. Those who are low in this trait tend to dislike changes, do not enjoy new things and resist new ideas. Besides, they are also not really imaginative and dislikes abstract or theoretical concepts. I have high level of openness as I enjoy being outside my house and doing things others choose not to. I remember going for a parasailing ride in Thailand before I failed in persuading my other friends to join me. They were reluctant and I had to ride on my own. It was breath taking~ so beautiful to be floating on the wide ocean. I used to have low level of openness when I was younger, so afraid to meet people and I followed the routine closely. I realized that we only live once, therefore I treasure every opportunity to explore the world. My next goal is to visit Japan or United Kingdom (I want to see those fluffy sheep) J ba~

Next trait will be conscientiousness. The standard features of this dimension include high levels of thoughtfulness with good impulse control and goal directed behaviours. Those high in conscientiousness tend to be organized and mindful of details. The traits of an individual who are high in conscientiousness are spending time preparing, completing tasks immediately and paying attention to details. Individuals who are low in this trait dislike structure and schedules, do not take charge of things and is messy, procrastinate important tasks and fail to complete the work assigned to them. Unfortunately, I have lower trait of conscientiousness. I tend to procrastinate and complete my work at the very last minute. The good news is I do not always complete my tasks at the last hour as I am aware of the importance of the tasks. It is quite uncertain as there are times I organize my things really well and sometimes I do not. However one thing for sure is that I cannot do work in a messy room or unwashed dishes in the sink.

Extraversion will be the third trait. It is characterized by excitability, sociability, talkativeness, assertiveness and high amount of emotional expressiveness. Those high in extraversion are outgoing and tend to be energized by the social situations. On the other hand, those low in extraversion are reserved and needed more energy in social settings. Individuals who rate high on extraversion tend to enjoy being the centre of attention, enjoy starting a conversation and meeting new people. They also have wide social circle of friends and acquaintances and feel energized when they are in the midst of people.

Solitude, feeling of exhaustion when socialize, difficulty in starting a conversation and dislike being the centre of attention are some of the traits of an individual who has low level of extraversion. Before I started to work, I was a girl who has low level of extraversion. Then, I started to step out of my comfort zone and adapt the working life, learning to converse well with new people. Most of the people around me may think that I am an outgoing person. Well, not really as I still have stage fright, have fear being in crowds and crossing the road. Yes crossing the road where I feel many pairs of eyes are looking at me! There you have it, timid Naomi~

The forth trait is agreeableness. Those high in agreeableness tend to be more cooperative while those low in this trait tend to be competitive and manipulative. Some traits for those who have high agreeableness are having great deal of interest in other people, caring, empathetic and enjoy helping and contributing happiness to other people. However those who are low in this trait tend to take little interest in others, do not care about the feelings of other people and have little interest in other people’s problems. I would say helping people is my passion, which is why I took studies on early childhood and psychology as my major. My basic core value is putting myself in their shoes and try to understand them and providing emotional support. I cannot afford ignoring an emotionally unstable individual. This value was taught by my beloved father. Thank you, papa.

The last trait will be neuroticism. Individuals high in this trait tend to experience mood swings anxiety and sadness. They tend to experience a lot of stress, worrying, experiencing dramatic shifts in mood and feeling anxious. While those low in this trait tend to be more stable and emotionally resilient. They are emotionally stable, worry less and feel relaxed. When I have troubles or worries, I would pray for spiritual needs as I believe in God to provide me a pathway out. I am reserved in this area and I hardly share my worries to the people around me. Sharing my burdens and causing other people to worry is not my personality. Unless of course when others start to question and express their concern, I had to spill it out. I cannot hide. Nevertheless, I choose to be happy. How? I look up the sky and admire nature such as the blue sky, white cloud, green trees and birds chirping. Amazingly, nature heals.

Meowmeowmi logging out 🙂



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-Big Five Personality by verywell:

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Precious are our memories of you..

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नमस्ते! Namaste! Hello!

Emotions are universal. It is amazing to think that all of us share the same emotion.  We frown when we are sad and we smile when we are happy. We can also feel disgusted, surprise and angry. Children as young as infant show signs of displeasure and they can brighten our day with their smile or laughter!

Everyday I experience different emotions, mostly happy. I love to laugh and smile which explains why I enjoy comedy. Unfortunately, and sadly I do feel sad at times and I really dislike that feeling. Therefore, I will be sharing one or maybe some beautiful and happy memories of her =) Some brief introduction. She was a strong woman with a brave heart, has a beautiful smile, loving, friendly and loud spoken.She was also very famous as far as I am concerned and she practically knew everyone staying near her home. Some instances of funny memories I have in my mind right know which I can still remember vividly. These memories got me laughing by myself. Super funny. 

I mentioned earlier that she was a loud spoken person. She would scream in anger when something or someone annoyed her. She would call a person’s name aloud which made a stranger knew who was staying with her easily. She would also laugh hysterically and brighten the day of a person who feel sad and extremely down. The funny thing is that her neighbor (niece’s classmate) who stayed seven houses away told her niece that he could hear her voice everyday. When she heard from her niece, she laughed.

She was indeed a brave woman. She rode a motorcycle once when she was carrying her second child. A thief tried to snatch her handbag and the amazing thing she did was she kicked the thief’s motorcycle with her leg and rode away quickly. It was hilarious but I thank God that she and her child were safe. Besides being a brave woman, she was also a good cook! Her famous steamed chicken brought her family closer. She also cook delicious ‘nasi lemak’ =) 

Precious are our memories of you. I am glad I can still recall these memories, memories to remind me to appreciate little things in life. Our family, friends or maybe just the fact that we can breathe are some of the reason why I am able to put a smile on my face. It was sad at first, but I chose to be happy. 

Emotion is a feeling, or affect which involve physiological arousal, conscious experience and behavioral expression. Our emotions are displayed based on both internal and external factors. We can feel sad, happy, angry, tired, and anxious whenever we are. These emotions in turn gives us both favorable or unfavorable memories. We feel thankful when the memories are good and when some memories were not so perfect, we aim to create more beautiful memories with the people around us. Some say emotions are temporal and never let these emotions to influence us while some say emotions are what make us human. I say we have a balance. Emotions are healthy when we know how to control them =)

Meowmeowmi logging out =)


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Shahriman again?

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大家好!我希望你们喜歡閱讀(❤ ω ❤)爱你们!
Hello everyone! I hope you guys will enjoy reading. Love you guys!

I am proud to say my Chinese language has improved! *pats on my shoulder*
Thank you, you from the bottom of my heart! You guys know who you are : ) This week my blog will be ang ang (reddish). Why is that so? That is because my favorite color was red when I was young. Everything was red back then, my school bag, pencil case and water bottle. Not only it was my favorite color, the color red was also significant in my life.

I love sports and guess what? My ‘Rumah Sukan’ (Sports House) was red from primary one to primary six and from secondary one up till secondary five! We have different colors during sports day. The standard colors were ‘Rumah Biru/Blue House’, ‘Rumah Kuning/Yellow House’, ‘Rumah Hijau/Green House’ and ‘Rumah Merah/Red House’! It was called ‘Rumah’ followed by the respective colors when I was in my primary years. However, the names were different when we were in our secondary school. They are ‘DC Gong/Gong Dong Chiang for the blue’, ‘Tai Swee Kee for yellow’,‘MC Graw for the green’ and ‘Shahriman for red’!

It gives me the sense of accomplishment whenever I played sport, however that does not mean I am good at each of it. I believe each of us participated in at least one sport during Sport’s Day each year. As for me, I run 100 meters, 200 meters, 4×100 meters and 4×400 meters. Besides, I also did high jump and I am always at the third position. So there is nothing much to say apart from the feeling I had when I was the only one in the team to make it for Sports Day!

I used to think that Sport’s Day is just a normal day where all of us have fun running and playing games. However, when I run, I will run with all my might and my gaze will be transfixed at the front. The process of running was challenging. I felt pressured and I disliked the feeling of someone running ahead of me. What I did was to push myself to do my best which is to run with more effort. I remembered hearing the First -Aider cheering, ‘Shahriman again!’ Those encouragement from the spectators gave me confidence.

In conclusion, there are five levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Each level is vital,from physiological needs to safety and love & belongings. Then we proceed to the level on self esteem and lastly the highest level which is self actualization. We ought to strive to reach these five levels of Hierarchy Needs. As for me, based on my story on the goals I achieved, the level of hierarchy which best suits my story would be esteem. Those achievements helped to boost my confidence in completing tasks without fear. I will not stop achieving these levels instead, I will strive for more 🙂


Meowmeowmi logging out 🙂




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Who am I?

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Apa khabar semua!

The topic given for this week is ‘nature versus nurture’ and we have been asked to share which side is more influential.When l was young, I remember hearing my mother comparing me with my sisters whenever she had a casual conversation with my aunt or with her fellow friends.

“She’s just like her father” my mother would say.

Do I have the traits of my father? I often think about it as I grow. Obviously I inherited both my parents’ traits. This is nature. I like to think about it this way that all I am is inherited. I am careful with my expenditure just like my mother and I love nature just like my father. Besides, I also believe I inherited my father’s outgoing personalialty and my mother’s love for fruits. We can have fruits for all meals!

We are imperfect human beings, therefore I do have some negative personality traits such as being stubborn, lazy at times and being a timid girl. Most of them are from my father, so mummy,you are quite right I am just like papa.

Besides personalities, it is observable that I am tall like my father and we have tanned skin. My second sister on the other hand has my mother’s short and cute height and they are fair. Like fair and lovely. They both are adorable 🙂 My lips and teeth are similar to my mother’s and my father and I have a similar feet shape.

Other than inheriting the traits from my beloved parents, there are some aspects in my life where external factors are the reason to the change in my behaviour. I was a quite girl until the end of my college years. I became a different person after I started to work. My friends told me that I became an extrovert. The reason is because I had to deal with humans (parents of my students) and real work problems. Those years were challenging but fun.

I believe strongly that both nature and nurture plays an important role in shaping me. I may be noisy,very noisy and sometimes stubborn, but i’ll never forget the advice from my father, that is to love people including the one who sweeps for a living. Peace✌

meowmeowmi logging out❤

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I just can!

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S̄wạs̄dī khn!

I love memories, both good and bad. When it comes to good memories, I will share them with my sisters and cousins whom I spent most of my childhood years with. Then all of us would laugh and wish that the good times will never go away. It is like “the mind replays what the heart can’t delete.” 

This week, I will be sharing with you guys one of my procedural memories. What is that? The procedural memory is memory for the performance of particular types of action. This procedural memory is automatically retrieved and utilized for the accomplishment of the integrated process involved in both cognitive and motor skills when is needed. Implicit procedural learning is vital to the development of any motor skills or cognitive ability.

There are a lot of events in my life that allows me to retrieve information without conscious or intentional recollection. Some of them are driving and cooking. Why these two? The reason is because first, I don’t cook when I was in Singapore and second, I don’t drive because transportation in Singapore is so efficient. I must say I was truly blessed to have my sisters and brother in law who never fail to provide food for me. They ensure that I was well fed =)

What happen then when I am alone? I had to cook. I had to drive to get my things done. I simply have no choice! I am okay with driving but not cooking… Cooking is not a thing I would do, but I love to eat. Hahaha! There were times I struggle when I went back to my hometown without my sisters. Thankfully I have a father who cooks well =) Having a father who cooks well does not mean I do not have to cook.

One afternoon I was alone at home. My father had gone out to work. What should I eat for lunch? I thought while looking into the refrigerator. There were eggs. I decided to cook rice and fry an egg. Thankfully, I knew the way to cook rice using a rice cooker. Cooking rice was easy and I knew the amount of water needed to cook the rice. I may not be a good cook but my rice was edible. I remembered it was my second sister who taught me to cook rice and it was my elder sister who taught me to fry a delicious sunny side up. Thank you sisters! I was able to cook myself a meal despite the long break of not cooking!

Driving is fun but it requires skills and extra attention when driving a manual car. Yes, a manual car where you need to change gear from gear 1, to gear 2, 3, 4, 5 and lastly to reverse. I have not driven for a long time and when I got home, I admit I did something silly when I wanted to drive. I reversed the car smoothly and decided to change the gear to gear 1. If you know how to drive a manual car you will know that to change a gear from gear 1 is to move the gear downwards to gear 2 and then up again to gear 3  and so on.

Image from:

We move the gear downwards. What I did was I moved the gear to the side. Literally to the right. I was puzzled and I told my father that the car had a problem. Nevertheless, I was able to drive the car without the help from my father or a car instructor. These are some of the skills I was able to perform without recollecting my memories. Now that I am staying independently, I am proud to say that my cooking has improved! =)

I won’t be able to perform these tasks without the help from my loved ones. My father and my sisters. They taught me to be the person I am today =) Oh yes! My father was the one who gave me a one to one driving lesson before I took the exam. Thank you, papa. These are the memories in my long term memory. I am glad it is in there.



Meowmeowmi logging out 🙂

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Beautiful Blogs :)

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Hello beautiful peeps 😀 Meowmeowmi is back to look at three blogs as part of the assignment. For me it is a dual learning process as we learn from each other. Therefore there isn’t a thing called ‘The best blogger’ or ‘Best blog ever’. All blogs are uniquely unique in their own way. At least for me =)

The first blog is Vanessa Soh (

V’S Gallery. Wow what a beautiful and powerful name I thought. It can even be influential. I love the word ‘gallery’. It means a room or a hall with art displays hung on the wall. For Vanessa’s case, it is photography. It is obvious as we can see beautiful pictures taken and posted by Vanessa herself. Very nice =)

Apart from the photographs, Vanessa’s blog is simple yet detailed as she explains about her life experiences, the choices she made and sharing inspiring quotes. While reading Vanessa’s blog, I felt that Vanessa is courageous, has a loving heart towards children and a loving person. I was touched by Vanessa’s persistence to pursue what she wanted despite the challenges in her life.

I particularly enjoyed reading one of Vanessa’s blog posts which is ‘Be Myself’. How true is that. Many times we were swayed as we listen to other people’s opinion and advice and follow them blindly. We may ended up not knowing who we are and what we wanted. I am not saying we reject other people’s advises completely and try to live without the help from others. It is the stand we made. Follow your heart.

As interesting as it may be, it would be better if Vanessa could add some widget to her blog. Readers may find it beneficial if they are interested to know the blogger more in depth. =)

The second blog is Phan Yong Nie (

I could not see much of May Phan’s blog from my mobile. I am glad I did review her blog from my laptop. It is peaceful, simple and relaxing. The font of her blog is my favourite. It is easy to view and I believe all viewers had a great time reading May’s blog! =) Just like her blog address, ‘simple yet astonishing’, I guess May managed to send her concept to the viewers.

I read all her blogs and I felt we have the same style of writing blogs and expressing ourselves. The only difference I think will be her passion for reading. I prefer figures, and animation. That does not mean I do not read at all. Haha! I do read if the content is interesting and the plot relates to my life and it is romantic =) ‘Oh my unicorn and knight in shining armour, where art thou?’ 

May has the potential in writing. I really encourage her to pursue what she is capable of and most imprtantly what she likes. If she is able to write and touch a thousand hearts, why not? Also, she has the kind heart as she said in one of her posts that she’ll lend her ears to other people and helping them to release stress. You are really nice, May. Keep this passion with you! =)

Is there anything to improve? Hmm.. if your concept is simplicity, stay with it. Perhaps you may add at least one more picture to your blog posts? Other blogger might be glad to see more about you and your posts.

The third blog is Teh Wei Theng (

“I am who am I” You are right. You are who you are. =)

Teh’s blog is like a bookmark, except that the bookmarks are all displayed in a page. I really like this way of setting up a blog. We, the viewers have the choice to choose which blog to read and all we have to do is just screen through the topics and click on it. Maybe I can consider this for my blog too. Thank you Wei Theng!

The header of Teh’s blog says ‘Just open your eyes and see that life is beautiful’ I totally agree with that quote. Each of us has a life. One and only. We need to learn to love and cherish this fragile life of ours. Life is way to short for us to sit at the corner and throw a pity party to celebrate our failures. Being sad, depressed or simply do not feel like doing anythig is perfectly normal. But for a while =) Then we get up and face the challenge.

Teh’s blog posts are interesting and I got to know Teh enjoys music! I love listening to music. Instrumental music of an anime or a movie and classical music are my favourite. I also love listening to Kpop music such as Girls Generation Kim Taeyeon, BTS (Bangtan Boys) and DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki). But these Kpop music could not give me the peace as much as classical music. Therefore I am glad to find someone so passionate about music. Go make music that allows people to be calm with your music! =)

It would be good if Teh has a profile picture or some description about his/herself. Viewers will have a rough idea of who the blogger is.

That is all for the review and I hope all of us are still surviving! Mid terms, assignments and presentations will not stop us from the good stuff in life! We can eat good food, have fellowship with our friends and we can look up the sky believing that the sun will rise again the next day. I learnt a lot from the blog posts and I hope we can continue to share life and work together. Psychology students rocks!



Meowmeowmi logging out 🙂

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もしもし! Moshimoshi!

This week’s blog will be a little exciting, interesting, or perhaps hair raising. Your family or friends decided to go for a scary ride at the amusement park. Will you go? Whether you are walking or sitting on that train-like vehicle to enter that haunted house, we all feel the same feeling; adrenaline rush. We are always alert so as to prepare ourselves when something appears. Boo!

I had the same feeling when Mr Salahuddin gave us the sound clip and encouraged us to listen with our eyes closed. I can’t shut my eyes as I was curious. I was expecting to hear a beautiful classical music or a poet reciting a poem. It did not turn out the way I thought it would be. Instead, I heard footsteps, creaking sound of the door and the typical sound effects of a horror movie which I normally hear when I watch movies or dramas. Strangely, I really enjoy listening to these sound effects such as the tapping of shoes when a person walks in a wooden house and the sound of a person eating cereal. It is really satisfying!

When I was young I used to be the bravest among my sisters. I would accompany my elder sister to the toilet at the middle of the night. I can also remember listening to ghost stories from my dearest Uncle Louis during big occasions like Chinese New Year or birthday parties. It does not sound quite appropriate, does it? Listening to something scary on a joyous occasion can be eerie…but all of us really enjoyed listening! There wasn’t a television or picture books used back then, so we can only imagine. 😀

I started to have fear and I get terrified easily to the point I will cry whenever I see scary, horrifying or creepy things at social media or stories online. I wasn’t sure why I became timid as I grow. I was a girl who isn’t afraid of ‘ghosts’ and anything below the sky. Eventually, I have difficulty facing this challenge. So, the question imposed to me was what did I think of when I heard the audio clip?

‘House of Wax’ (I will not post the picture of the movie here because I believe there might be some of us (perhaps only me) who cannot stand the sight of that horrific figure. You may search the movie online if you are interested) 🙂

I remembered watching this movie ‘House of Wax’ many years ago with my parents. I was interested to watch and wanted to find out if the house was really made of wax. Obviously, I could not remember the flow of the story and I would not want to watch it again! However, there are some parts of  the story which I can still remember.

The Sound Clip

So the scene that I imagined when I heard the clip was an abandoned house where it was quiet, dark and cold~ I could not relate anything at the first 0:00:09 seconds of the clip. It’s just a heartbeat I thought. Then there was a mysterious sound starting from 0:00:10 which gave me chills. At 0:00:25 the creaking sound of the door. Great, now it felt as if I was alone. Urgh…I hate being alone at times like this!

Now, If you are listening to the clip, you will know why I love the sound of the footsteps! It’s so addictive and crunchy… 😀 The sound gave me the feeling of walking outside the house and suddenly I sensed something creepy was watching me all this while. I turned back slowly to check and I saw a white figure standing just beside the house. I was shocked! I suddenly had the urge to go to the toilet.

I wanted to find out what was that creepy stuff looking at me at 0:01:24. Just like a scene in ‘House of Wax’ they were screening some of the figurines made from wax in the house. For my case, it’s outside. 😀

Then I walked, and walked and walked and saw that figurine! ‘Ahhhhhh! Mommy~~~’ I screamed in my heart. The figurine which looked a little like a mannequin looked into my eyes. Her gaze was both scary and I felt she needed to express something but could not.

0:01:42 (To be continued…)

The end of part one of the story 🙂

We can create all types of stories just by listening to a short and simple audio or even looking at a picture. I can sum up my whole experience of being a phasmophobia to a type of learning in psychology context. It is classical conditioning. The white figure (unconditioned stimulus) would produce a response of fear or doubt (unconditioned response). During conditioning, the white figure (unconditioned stimulus) might be associated with creepy features such as deformed figures or unnatural movements (conditioned stimulus). After conditioning, the creepy features of a spirit (conditioned stimulus) which has been associated with white figure (unconditioned stimulus) is now produces a response of fear (conditioned response).

Wishing all Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Meowmeowmi logging out 🙂